Blasfemia Eternal




Blasfemia Eternal

Total Misanthropia
Garden Of Delights (Eva)
Quest For Blood (Le Vampire)
Blood Of Christ (Mohammed Wept)
Epebos Aionia
(Het Verdronken Land Van) Saeftinge
Shades Of Eternal Battlefields (Our Empire Fell)
 Vae Victis
Fallen Angel

1. Blasfemia Eternal

2. Total Misanthropia

Take the blood, take the blood
Of my enemies
Total hate
I want them to die
Total misantropia
Who needs weak flesh or family
Total misantropia
Say whatever you want
Meant for me to hear
Hate is the only thing I feel
Destruction follows everywhere
Total misantropia
I don't need this love
Bloodshed eternally
I don't understand (love)
I don't want your love
Only Darkness and Hate!
Total misantropia!
If I had only more time (to)
Kill! Slaughter! Destroy!
The beauty of the pain
Destruction of the human race

3. Garden Of Delights (Eva)

Open the portals to darkness
So that the fire of hell
Will previal
Embrace the wicked beauty
Of the darkest instincts
Turn into a tender godess
And the ultimate queen of pain
Follow me on your left hand path
And discover my infernal reign
I will accompany you on
Your abyssic journeys
You will find the pleasure
...Beyond the pain
Be my innocent graceful virgin
Be my lusty gorgeous whore
Never question my power
Do not betray our flame!
Deal with my insanity
Eternal you will reign
Oppressed by all gods of light
Adored by the disciples of night
Female soul and body
Finest piece of art
Cannot be god's creation
Bite the apple once more!

4. Quest For Blood (Le Vampire)

Toi, qui comme un coup de couteau
Dans mon coeur plaintif est entree
Toi, qui fort comme un troupeau
De demons, vins, folle et paree
To make out of my humiliated spirit
Your bed and your domain
Honourless crook to whom
I am connected like a slave to his
Chain, like a stubborn player to the
Game, like a drunk to the bottle,
Like a maggot to the corpse
Maudite! Maudite soit-tu!
I have prayed the rapid sword
To conquer my freedom
Helas! The poison and the sword
Took me with despise and told me:
'You are not worthy,
You are not worthy!
To be liberated of your slavery!!!
If our efforts would free thee
Your kisses would awake
The remains of your vampire within
Your vampire within!!!'
Maudite! Maudite!...

5. Blood Of Christ (Mohammed Wept)

One last look to the sky
Again my end is near
Declared 'criminal of war'
This is my final hour (Execution,
The end)... But the start of my dream
The start of my dream
Reborn I will be, forever I will hunt!
As a traveller throughout time
Reborn I will be
Forever I will hunt, forever I will be
As a traveller throughout time
The spear that tortured christ was mine!
Oh eva! Hold me once more, bite the apple
Who needs this paradise,
Who needs this paradise?!
I inspired nero to put rome into flames
A lieutenant I was, when napoleon
Set the world on fire!
Oh beautiful sight, mohammed being poisoned...
Bible or koran: Pathetic book of lies!
(We always lost a battle, eternally we
Won a war!!!)
The blood of god on my skin
The blood of allah on my hands
Porco dio! Porco dio!
Porco dio! Porco dio!
Für immer! Voor altijd! Aižnia!
Blasfemia eternal!!!!

6. Epebos Aionia

O infernal majesty
Condemn him to the pit
Evermore to suffer in
Perpetual anguish
Bring thy wrath upon him
Send forth thy messengers
To proclaim this dead
Call forth thy legions that they may
Witness what we do in thy name
The pain, the hate, the beauty
True strength, the force of evil
True strength, epebos aižnia!!!
Send forth thy messengers
To proclaim this death
The falldown of allah
Of christ, of eva
O lord of 'light'
O lord of 'light'
Infernal majesty
Infernal majesty - für immer
Eternal, eternal!

7. (Het Verdronken Land Van) Saeftinge

Here one can hear the call of the sea
While a deadwhite moonlight
Is creating the ultimate unlight
Or at night, or at night...
O sad and beautiful night
Full of melancholy
When the silent dark waters
Are inviting the lonely souls
Of mounting lost ones... like me
Of mounting lost ones... like me
Here once I could hear the bell toll
Here once I led a life
My home was build... before the cruel
Water came
May be the death fish washed on the shore
With their cold eyes have catched a
Glimp - a glimp..
Of my forever lost village
Do I hear my ancestors call:
Oh beautiful and cruel lost,
Forever lost - dark medieval times
Drowned land of saeftinge -
Drowned land of saeftinge
Here once I could hear the bell toll,
Here once I
Had a life, my home was build...
Here one can hear the call of the sea
Oh my drowned land
Mijn verdronken land van saeftinge...
Saeftinge - saeftinge - saeftinge
Forever lost, forever lost...

8. Shades Of Eternal Battlefields (Our Empire Fell)

Captured in this paradise of light
I can only feel lost
No grief, no pain
How to maintain
This world is no longer mine
A warlord I was, cities we took
A warlord I was, cities we took
Melancholy fills my heart
Why did I lose my youth
Brilliant my battles were
No journey too great
Parades in conquered streets
While our banners were flying high
True glory could be found
Inspired by the root of all evil
Memories of battles
Like gods of war we were
Like gods of war we were
We sat at satan's left hand
Peace came... oppressed instincts
Reign my land
This land is no longer mine
Now our paradise is lost...

9. Vae Victis

Hail to the Celtic tribes
Hail to my Ancestors
Hail to my Forefathers
Hail to the Germanic tribes

No one could conquer
No one could take our Land
When fighting us with same means
No one could see us


Hail my Celtic tribes
Hail to our (Germanic) ancestors
Way too many tribes
Tried to conquer us

Outnumbered Outnumbered
They did not despond - Molon lave

There was true glory
There was true pride
True pride

The darkness of the woods
Inspired our tribesmen
True cultural background

I'm not a child of this time
(Always) longing for those times
I'm not a child of this time

My ancestors, Hail to Thee!
My ancestors: FOREVER!!!
Their blood in my veins

10. Fallen Angel

Tired of obeying a God that always ruled like a tyrant
We decided to create our own kingdom
While being surrounded by creatures
Who pledged their allegiance eternally

We refused, we rejected
We decided to have our own empire
Not based on the Book of Lies
Forever we refuse the Kingdom of Light

Satan's Legions, None Will Ever See Them Fall...