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On this page you'll find some of the fanmail that Ancient Rites has received.

From S., USA
Sent: Tuesday, October 31, 2006 7:36 PM
Subject: Troopermail S. from USA


In an interview with me you did for M.M., you said the words "Cross Thy Rubicon". At that time, my life was rather wrecked and I had some important, life altering decisions to make that I was avoiding. Those words struck a chord with me, and I did just that. My life has been better for it ever since.

Thank you, even if you don't realize you did anything.



From Raul, Mexico
Sent: Friday, September 29, 2006 6:29 PM
Subject:  Aztec Fan

Hey!, I hope you remember me, form Wacken 2003. Anyway, I was digging on my email and found your address, in case you still using it I would like to express the impressions the new album gave me. First of all, the liner  notes are great, and once again they made me look for some history on library and internet. The feeling on Ypres is very touching and the power of Invictus is excellent. It's great to know that AR still kicks asses, hope one day the band will be able to play in Mexico. I have some pictures from Wacken,  while AR was performing, would you like me to send them to the webmaster? I lived for one year in Scotland and now I am back. I became addict to Belgian beers, specially the Trappistes. Nothing much to tell besides travels and books... and metal!. Till next time, vivat Metal.




From Shady K., Jordan
Sent: Tuesday, September 26, 2006 4:34 PM
Subject: hello

I didnt want to reply right away, because I got the album only 2 days before you sent your email. I have been listening to it since..and I can tell you from a musician point of view its very very rich with a lot of elements specially the historical one. From a heavy metal fan, it KICKS ASS!  Well done my friend, you and the was worth waiting for!

 I thank whatever gods may be
 For my unconquerable soul.
 Invictus! Invictus!

 Ours greetings from Jordan!

 Shady K.

Maybe one day u will come and visit us in amman ..Ez , hanna and me


From James, USA
Sent: Sunday, September 24, 2006 8:50 PM
Subject: Rubicon

Less than a month ago, I got special libo. I am in Marine Combat Training for the US Marine Corps. I have been here four months due to injury, but  nevertheless, I was finally able to get off base liberty (special libo). I went to a huge music store and glanced for Ancient Rites CDs. I never  have been able to find them in the past in any stores, so I was just hoping. Needless to say, I just happened to see "Rubicon" sitting there. I was shocked as I didn't even know that a new album was nearing release. I immediately bought it. Glad I did. I love the CD so much and I listen to it most anytime I get any liberty. Apparently it was just released that week too because I checked the PX on base the next week and they too had it to my surprise. Glad to see that maybe a few others can be fortunate enough to hear your music.

 I don't see the message board anywhere, so I didn't know where else to send this message, so I sent it to this e-mail addy. Keep up the good work.



From: Chris, Argentina
Sent: Wednesday, September 06, 2006 1:22 AM
Subject: Argentine fan

Hail to Ancient Masters:
I'm a old Ancient Rites fan in this far and lost place in the world . Unfortunably the band is not very known in my country, but I keep the flame of the Ancient Hordes burning, trying to show the band to my friends and the others headbangers from my area.

"Fatherland" & "Dim Carcosa" are two great fucking albums, and the DVD is supreme. I love them. I'm waiting for a vinyl edition of the last album (is that feasible?), because I am a LP's colector.

I hope can to see the band on stage soon, but i'm afraid is not easy in this moment.
Long Live to Ancient Rites!!!!


From: Matus, Slovakia
Sent: Wednesday, June 14, 2006 4:24 PM
Subject: Hi Gunther!

My name is Matúš. I come from Slovak republic. I am very big fan of Ancient Rites. I have got new album Rubicon in digipack. It is really great, perfect. There
is a beautiful cover artwork again.

Will be available this album on LP? Guillaume from SEASON OF MIST told me maybe will be on BACK ON BLACK. Ok I will wait for that.

What about shows in Slovak republic or near that? Is it possible?

Thank you for answer.

Cheers Matúš from Slovak republic


From: Konstantinos, Greece
Sent: Wednesday, March 29, 2006 1:23 AM

Dear Mr Theys,

I am a new fun of the Ancient Rites (two years ago listened by a friend of mine the DIM CARCOSA album for the first time) and got crazy. It's not a hyperbole to say that
this album introduced me to the black metal scene.

I have recently had in my hands the HORDES STOOD AS ONE cd and the confession you made in that booklet really touched me. I can see that the road to your worldwide success was not easy and you had always to give battles and do what other bands would not even imagine to do. That's why I see you as worthy warriors of music. Keep on fighting men!

I pay much attention to the lyrics that you write and can say that I really like the spirit in them. This symbolic way that you deal with the evil, and the way you reproach the religions, things that have so many times made you a target to the beholders in our society (religious leaders, fanatics, ect).

I read about the new album RUBICON and can't wait for it. I hope it will be as good as the brilliant DIM CARCOSA. I like the fact that you don't give out a cd every year just to give out a cd, but you wait until you pick up enough material for a masterpiece. It's not quantity that matters, but quality;

I am proud to come from Greece, a country which you often refer to at your songs. Will you come to Greece for a concert? There's a lot of people here who are anticipating for an announcement of a concert of yours. It would also be fun to see the reactions of all these religious minds who consider your music satanic.

I would be really happy to get a reply to this mail.

With respect,



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