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Sadistik Witchfukk (Eastern Europe) May 2013
Interview with Erik

Sadistik Witchfukk (Eastern Europe) March 2013
Interview with Gunther

Masterful Magazine

Zware Metalen (The Netherlands) 25 August 2006

Zware Metalen (The Netherlands) 18 March 2003

Blackfuel (The Netherlands) 19 June 2006

Tartarean Desire December 2005

Gig Report, Wacken Open Air, Wacken, Germany (02 August 2003)
Troopers' reactions to the band's appearance at Europe's biggest Metal Fest.

Metalfan (The Netherlands) July 2003

Interview, July 2003 (Dragonland Magazine, China)
A view at the truth, subcultures and more.

Interview, April 2003 (Whiplash Magazine, Czech Republic)
A talk about some known and less known facts from the band's history.

Interview, 03 March 2003 (HM Portal, Italy)
Especially talk on the live album and gigs/tour life in general.

Metalfan (The Netherlands) June 2002
Great gig review of the live recordings including 10 cool photos.

Interview, May 2002 (Necromancy Magazine, Philippines)
Talks on musical and lyrical progression, as well as Gunther's activities in different bands.

Transcending the Mundane (USA) 09 December 2002

Music Extreme (Argentina) 2002

Italian Black Metal Division (Italy) 2002

Lunar Hypnosis Webzine (USA) 2002

Ancient Spirit Magazine (Germany) May/June 2001

Metalfan (The Netherlands) 2001

Abla Zine (Belgium) 2001

Interview 03 December 2001 (HM Portal, Italy)
Dim Carcosa, medieval Europe and musical scenes are a few of the subjects touched in this interview.

Interview May 2001 (Mindview, Belgium)
Gunther, Walter, Erik and Jan talk, especially on musical and lyrical content of Dim Carcosa.

Interview 2001 (Code 666, Italy)
Focussing on the release of Dim Carcosa, this interview
also leaves room for talk about ancient times in general.

Interview 2001 (Musik an Sich, Germany)
Topics like history, travels and music are discussed rather in-depth in this German interview.

Interview 2001 (Stargazer, Italy)
A lengthy interview with detailed talks about the music and concept of the band. Written in Italian.

Interview 2001 (Totentanz, Germany)
Talk about Dim Carcosa, music, lyrics and... movies. Written in German.

Heavy Metal Portal 03 December 2001

Metal Observer (Germany) 2001

Metal Guide (Greece) May 2000

Eternity Magazin (Germany) July/August 2001 (issue 19)

Interview 1999 (Strike, Brasil)
A talk about the at that time recently released Fatherland and older efforts of the band. In English or Portuguese.

Battle Zine (Brazil) February 1999)

Interview 1998 (Vampire Magazine, The Netherlands)
A.o. rather extensive talk about the history of Flanders. In Dutch.

Interview 1998 (Zodiac Chronicle, Iceland)
A long interview with a few original questions.

Psico Terror (Peru) May 1994


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